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Through our involvement in the industry over 30 years. Parade Industries has designed and produced a vast range of Thermoformed products of various degrees of complexity and applications. Parade Industries has always been able to provide customised products that meet all aspects of our customers' cost, quality, design and technical specifications.

Industry sector Products Produced Thermoforming Applications Supplied by Parade Base Material Used
Medical *Angiopaks", Catheters, medical tools, pacemakers, vaccines, and other medical products Blisters, shipping trays, storage trays APET, Barex, HIPS, PETG, PS Clear, PVC
Electronics/ Electrical Audio-video sets, components, computer modules, household appliances, LED, memory unit cables, PCB, sensors Blisters, clamshells, handling displays, protection trays, shipping trays APET, PETG, GP,PS Clear, Ultros
Hard Disk Drive Bearings, disk clamps, disk dampers, disk drive, disk spacers, hubs, lathes, magnets, sleeves, transformers, VCM. In-house process trays, shipping trays. APET, MITECH, PETG, PP(antistatic), PS Black Conductive.
Automotive Accessories, automotive components, speakers In-house process trays, shipping trays, protection trays. HIPS, PP, PS Black Conductive, PVC (antistatic)
Telecommunications Accessories, batteries, components, mobile phones, pagers, walkie-talkies Clamshells, displays, internal transportation trays, shipping trays. HIPS (antistatic), PETG, PVC
Food Bakery, fast food, frozen food, instant meals Packing trays, packing containers HIPS, PP, PVC (food grade)
Metal Stamping Coil motor components for computer parts Shipping trays HIPS
Injection Molding Key pads, photostat machine covers, radio covers, etc In-house process trays, shipping trays. HIPS, PVC.


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