Culture of Quality

Founded in Singapore in 1975, the Parade Industries first ventured into Thermoforming as a pioneer in South-East Asia's then fledgling Thermoforming industry.

Today, Parade Industries ranks among the established player in the Industry in South-east Asia, serving the electronics, disk drive, toy, medical, pharmaceutical, consumer product, precision component and many other industries.

Since our inception, the thrust of our business growth has always been customer driven and will continue to be so. We pride ourselves as a Value Added Provider in the Industry, sparing no effort to provide our customers with the highest level of service and quality products. Our steadfast commitment has been translated into a unique "culture of quality" that permeates every level of Parade's operations, from the boardroom to the factory floor.

Parade Industries Quality Circle


Highly qualified, experienced and well trained professionals in technical and business fields


Loyal, skilled and well-trained supervisors and operators (many have served more than 10 years in Parade Industries)


Modern lines of fully automated, semi-automated and manual Thermoforming and other ancillary machines that cater for customised production requirements of various volumes, types of base materials, degrees of finesse and sophistication in forming

Advanced Design Tooling and Production Methodologies

Fully integrated, most up-to-date technologies and capabilities together with our good manufacturing practices ensure fast turnaround, short lead times, flexible production, well-coordinated ramp-ups and reliable just-in-time schedules.

Well Established and Financially Sound

Parade Industries has grown by leaps and bounds since 1975 and will continue to chart new heights of achievement and excellence

Reliable Supplier Network

Parade Industries has worked closely with our "partners" in the supply of base and indirect materials. Their support and reliability are as established as ours

Leadership Position

As the foremost specialist in the Thermoforming industry in this region, we are the market leader in technology, customer relationship management and fully integrated facilities


The most vital factor in our quest for excellence in quality standards is our impressive clientele comprising multinationals and local corporations, many of them industry leaders. Our close and collaborative business relationship with them has enabled us to excel and grow in our business operations, quality, achievements and technical know-how.

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