Business Approach

Meeting our customers specific needs

Parade Industries is in the business of designing and producing customised TVF trays and blisters for various industries, including hard disk drive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, electrical components and computer.

In order to satisfy all aspects of our customers' product and design expectations, we have adopted a holistic approach for design and product development. We believe that working closely with our customers during this process is the most effective method of producing well-designed products of the highest quality.

By systematically studying and evaluating our customers' feedback and input, we are able to understand their expectations in depth. This enables us to design and produce products that best serve and conform to every aspect of our customers' requirements.

We have committed to good manufacturing practices (GMP) and we are constantly improving and upgrading the skills of our workforce, production methodologies, design capabilities and machinery. We are ISO 9001/14001 certified.

We have also received various recognition of excellence awards from our customers.

Our design and product development criteria cover the following:

1. Base material selection - The most suitable type of thermoplastic will be chosen after an in-depth consideration of the functional, aesthetic, quality and pricing parameters of the product

2. Functional requirements - How the product is used by our customers through its supply chain is the most important consideration. Other requirements include the durability, stackability, conformance to drop test, wear and tear, display purpose, stability, effective housing, transportability, in-house production needs and level cleanliness

3. Suitability for mass production and most ideal production methodology

4. Technical and engineering variables

5. Overall quality and pricing considerations

6. Other value-added possibilities

7. Buy out and acceptance of the final product

From the initial conceptualisation to final production ramp-ups, customer involvement is of paramount importance to us. Their feedback and input, complemented by the technical/operational support from our engineers, designers, operations and QA staff, ensures a successful product development program with the shortest lead time and in turn ensures total customer satisfaction.




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